According to dentists, around 85 percent of people experience bad breath.

Dental Disease

If a person is experiencing dental problems they may be in a lot of pain. Problems in the mouth can lead to pain, discomfort, and infection.

Bad Breath

This is an embarrassing problem. According to dentists, around 85 percent of people experience bad breath. This can be due to cavities, gum disease, and bacteria that have built up on the tongue. Mouthwash will mask the odor but it will not get rid of the bacteria. A person should visit the dentist to find out what is causing the bad breath so they can begin treating it. These are some common dental problems and some tips on how to prevent them. To have a healthy mouth a person needs to see their dentist for regular checkups & periodontitt.

Dentist showing gray implant model to patient

Tooth decay

Tooth decay is known to most people as cavities. This is the second most common health issue that impacts people in the United States.


Cavities form when sugar and starches make an acid that put holes in the tooth enamel. Older people can also get cavities from enamel erosion. Want to know more about Oral Health Basics.

Tooth Decay

Teenage girl is at the dentist. She sits in the dentist's chair and the dentist sets braces on her teeth.

Gum Disease

Gum or Periodontal Disease is an infection that happens in the gums surrounding the teeth. This is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. There is also a link between people with gum disease and having heart issues. People who smoke and have sensitive teeth are at high risk for this condition. Gingivitis is another name for gum disease. A person should check with their dentist and look at the warning signs. Regular dental visits can help reduce the chance of developing gum disease and catch any warning signs & tannimplantat.

Oral Cancer

If a person has a cavity they need to visit the dentist to have it filled and to keep things from getting worse.
This dental condition can be deadly if it is not treated. Every hour one person in the United States will dry from oral cancer.
If it is caught early it can be treated. Some risks for oral cancer include tobacco use, alcohol use, and people that have been diagnosed with HPV.

Some signs can include lumps in the mouth, trouble chewing, and some rough areas. If a person goes for regular dental checkups the dentist can catch this early and it can be treated.


This condition can be painful. Some people may feel sensitivity in the mouth while others may notice that their teeth are cracking. If not they should request this exam.


This condition is common but it can be prevented. If a person practices oral care they should not worry too much about this problem. A person needs to ask if an oral cancer exam is part of the checkup. 

Tooth Erosion


These conditions like many other oral conditions can be caught with regular visits to the dentist. Find more about tannlegeskrekk here.


These are some common dental diseases that you cannot ignore. These dental diseases can be painful and they can harm overall health

Regular checkups with a dentist are important for overall good oral health and to be dental disease free.